UWT's services include but are not limited to:


Our team of IT professionals check the quality, performance, and reliability of each product to ensure that it works the way it is meant to. By testing products we are able to increase end user's protection and ensure customer satisfaction.

Maintenance and Porting

To ensure customer satisfaction and constant product efficiency, we provide regular maintenance and porting to our clients to guarantee against any interruptions or complications in the product. With the expertise to maintain any system, our professionals provide exceptional help.

System Design

In order to satisfy customer's requirements, our team identifies the architecture, components, modules, interfaces, and data for the end user's system. With years of developing and designing systems, our IT consultants use the most efficient methods and procedures possible.


To fully familiarize our customers with and therefore use products, our team provides training in order to educate the users of software and hardware. Our belief is that if the end user is familiar with the product it will result in ease of use in their daily workplace. 

Implementing Software

In order to provide a positive experience and successful implementation of software for our consumers to their existing system, our experts analyze  requirements,  configure and customize the product, test it, provide user training, and installation. From the design to testing and delivery, our experts make sure the implementation stage is seamless.

It is our goal to ensure our client’s business has the ability to overcome language barriers which may inhibit planned international objectives. Our professional interpreters have superior linguistic skills and are aware of and are familiar with the inherent differences in negotiation practices between varying cultures.


We can confidently provide exceptional translation and interpretation services in:


  • English

  • Russian

  • Ukrainian

  • Polish

Services are provided in cooperation with our resident partners