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UWT Brochure

United World Technologies also created a new white paper and brochure on time and energy-saving technologies and services the company provides:

UWT White Paper

Executive Summary

United World Technologies (UWT) was founded with a vision of opening markets in underdeveloped Eastern Europe and other countries of the world. UWT is a Maryland company, headquartered in Baltimore. In addition, we have a sister integration company in Kiev, Ukraine. 

UWT utilizes personal contacts and resources provided by the federal and local governments to connect U.S. companies desiring to export their technologies, with the support of DBED, The World Trade Center Institute, and Maryland’s Governor, Larry Hogan, who is a great supporter of exports. 

UWT uses the “Japanese Trading Company” approach to fostering and executing business: understanding that the basis for good business relations depends on the trust of each party. The cornerstone of our mission is to build and foster relationships with trust and transparency wherever we do business. UWT connects sellers (U.S companies) with buyers, who are primarily banks, financial institutions and utilities. These are the verticals; our end-users, who purchase the U.S. made products.    

The UWT core staff is highly educated with undergraduate and postgraduate degrees with vast international experience in qualifying opportunities. They can conduct the bidding and award process, negotiate contracts, execute programs with a planned schedule, and work within budget limitations. Our staff members each have many years of successful international business experience, including interpretation and translation capabilities in 6 languages. Since our company is part of UMBC Cyber Security Hive, we have the opportunity to provide paid internship in order to train many University of Maryland students, who are seeking degrees in IT, Cyber Security, and Finance. They come to us without any training in their chosen field and leave with vast practical knowledge, confidence, making them ready to enter the real world. Once interns graduate, they are able to get immediately high paying jobs since they have acquired experience.  

Our business model is as follows: 

We attend many IT shows nationwide within our industry, choosing companies with unique, innovative exportable software products. We have our technical teams analyze these products before we sign a representation agreement with the chosen U.S. company. This gives us permission to introduce the products to our already existing, willing, and able buyers overseas. If the buyer is interested in the product, we proceed to next steps i.e. Translation of technical and marketing materials, localization, testing, negotiating contracts, etc. Once the contract is signed, we proceed to fulfill the agreement.   In addition to selling software, we provide after sales 24/7 customer support to the end-users throughout the life of the contract. We train in-country personnel to do software installation and follow-on support, creating jobs in the U.S. and overseas. 

Products and Services:

IT Systems and Applications

IT Security: Cyber Security, Facial Recognition, License System Recognition 

Business System IT Design and Software Applications

Export/Import of IT products and services


United World Technologies is looking to expand to the following parts of the world: Poland, Baltic countries, Singapore, Hong Kong, Latin America; Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama, and Peru.

UWT Video

The President of United World Technologies, Paula Kipperman, will introduce a promotional video at the Milipol Conference Singapore 2017, which details what United World Technologies provides with its partners in security: